Annoto enables time-based comments & notes on top of a video, you can ask your students questions, reply to theirs, focus their attention on specific moments in the video, invite them to answer one another, share thoughts and ideas and even manage your own teaching journal without having to leave the video!

Powered by comprehensive analytics and insights, Annoto provides insights on users and their interactions within the video content, shedding light on how and when users interact with the video content and with each other.


The Annoto Comments Space provides you with a one-click-away conversation with anyone on the video:

  • Ask your students questions about a video

  • Share your ideas & thoughts

  • Answer students' questions

  • Share examples, or ask your students to share

  • Add links and videos as comments

  • See the level of understanding of your students

  • Place translations or clarifications to words, phrases or ideas in the exact place in the video that they appear

Personal Notes

Manage your very own personal notebook:

  • Highlight specific moments (important parts in the video, things you want to discuss with the students, topics you wish to focus on, key questions for the exam, etc.).

  • Add your thoughts and insights (they will be visible only to you).

  • Students can Summarize and Bookmark the video for exam preparation.

  • Export into document for offline review

User Space

The Annoto User space reflects entire learning Activity Feed (comments, replies, and more) in all the course videos:

For a quick tour of the User Space, please see this short video.


The Annoto Dashboard was designed in order to shed light upon students video consumption and behaviour within Annoto in-video collaboration widget, providing you with analytics and insights regarding their activity in the course: