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January 2023

Accessing the Annoto Dashboard from the video

The new feature, based on your requests, provides instructors a quicker way to get insights and manage their specific videos directly from the video view:
Clicking on the menu button will present all options, including dashboard access:
Clicking on the dashboard takes you to view the video preferences:
Illustration: Video Preferences
From this view you can:
  • Preferences Tab - Choose which features and user experience you prefer for that video.
  • Assessments Tab - Check student progress and results.
  • Insights Tab - Discover insights about users and about this video in particular.
The Annoto Insights Dashboard will also be accessible via clicking on the course name in the navigation bar.

Kaltura bug with YouTube video and out of sync time stamp (Fixed) - October 2022

The Issue:
When using a YouTube video with Kaltura player (V2), the player stops reporting the video timestamp, when clicking on the screen to play the video. The pause of the video timestamp reported by the player stops working, effecting different features of Annoto and Kaltura (as the time stamp is not progressing, even as the video continues to play).
As mentioned, Kaltura fixed this bug on the new player version 2.98
To resolve the issue and make sure you are not affected you need to go to KMC and update the player version (I understand it takes a bit of time to update ±15min)

Annoto's New features - Mandatory participation, Reactions and Fully anonymized comments

Mandatory participation

The Annoto discussion enables an in-context discussion between all video viewers.
By default, when Comments are enabled, all video viewers can view the entire discussion.
When the new Mandatory Participation feature is enabled, users must post a comment before they can see comments of others.
Can be set through Comments’ Options, under Course/Video Preferences


Allow users to react on the video to increase engagement and get feedback. For Live/synchronous watching.

Fully Anonymous comments

When enabled, moderators will not see who posted an anonymous comment
(Until now, only students could not see who post anonymously)
Can be set through Anonymous Comments’ options, under Course/Video Preferences

The new Annoto Look

As part of our ongoing work to empower the online learning, we gave Annoto a new, cleaner look!
Now only the chosen tab is highlighted, in order to emphasize the space that is spotted at that moment (Comments/ People/ Personal Notes, etc.)
Want a quick preview? Can’t blame you… 😉
Remember the old widget?
Here’s a sneak peek to the new widget:
The presented spaces are, of course, the spaces that were set in the new Annoto Preferences* feature in the Annoto dashboard.
And the fun part is: you can already see the new look in your very own Annoto!