Guided Watching

In Guided Watching the instructor guides learners throughout the video watching experience.

This can be done in multiple ways:

  • Asking the learners questions related to specific moments in the video

  • Bringing their attention to specific moments in the video

  • Translating or simplifying terms, phrases, or ideas

  • Connecting moments in the video to previous class discussions

  • Highlighting moments that are important for the final exam

  • Using Annoto as an enriching layer – providing additional knowledge or resources

  • Providing any type of massage to the students

Illustration: A video with Guided Watching

The Annoto Dashboard presents analytics and insights on the class activity, in terms of video consumption, users’ participation and engagement, and enables a quick and easy management of the discussion (replying easily to learners, give their comments “Educator’s Thumbs Up” and even delete comments, if needed). All from the dashboard itself.