Video View

For tutorial on how to navigate back to Course View, please take a look at Navigating the Dashboard.

The video view provide management insights, assessment and preferences for a specific video.

Below the video title, there are further details about the video duration, description and a link to the page:

Video Hub

Manage the Discussion

In the Video Hub, the discussion of the video can be fully managed via the dashboard, all the common actions are supported:

  • Reply

  • Edit/Delete own comments

  • “Like” a comment - each learner's comment that you’ll like, will get “Educator’s Thumbs Up” badge (which can be used for grading).

  • Moderate - delete users' comments (in case needed)

At the top of the Discussion a quick summary of the remaining comments to review can be found:

Once the review is done:

Not-reviewed comments (the ones you haven’t read yet) will be highlighted in color:

You can decide how you want to review the comments.

Comments can be:

  • Manually reviewed - You can mark comments as read\ not-read, by clicking on the eye icon:

You can also mark all comments as read with a single click:

  • Automatically reviewed – Comments will be automatically marked as read after a few seconds:

Export Comments

Video comments can be exported, by clicking on the export icon in the discussion.

The export contains course and video information. All the comments are sorted by video time-tag and include common details such as author, date and sentiment.

Video Insights

Video Overview

This section provides you with highlights of participation content consumption and engagement for a specific video.

Users Participation

On the left we can see a radial bar representing how many of the users are participating in the video

‌Hovering the cursor over the bars provides details on the participation category - the percentage of the users who acted (Engaged\ Collaborated\ Noted, depends on the bar that is hovered).

For more details on the participation categories please refer to Course Insights.

In the above example: 93% of the learners collaborated and engaged in the video. 71% of the users added personal notes.

This means that most of the users took an active role in learning - by commenting in the shared environment, writing in their personal notes and engaging with others UGC.

Video Consumption

The graph on the right provide insights about video consumption.

The triangle represents the top metrics of video consumption:

  • Avg. Completion Rate – Sum of percent watched in each view session divided by number of views. This metric provides user's dropout rate for each video.

  • Avg. Total Completion – The average of the aggregated video completion for all view sessions that the video participants had (video coverage).

  • Avg. Watch Time(%) - The average of the aggregated number of seconds each user has watched in all view sessions. The metric is shown in percentage for convenience.

A "perfect" watching experience would be indicated by an equilateral triangle (all edges should be the same, and as close to 100% as possible).

If one of the edges is significantly longer - you may want to pay attention to the video.

For example - In the Video Consumption image above:

The Avg. Watch Time is 167%, meaning: on average, viewers spent watching the video more than x1.5 than its duration.

The Avg. Completion Rate is 27%, meaning: on average, every time the video viewers played the video, they watched 27% of it (less than third of the video), which may indicate quick dropout.

The Avg. Total Completion is 43%, meaning: on average, all video viewers covered only 43% of the video not watching all of its content.

Activity Metrics

In addition, we can find the aggregated activity metrics made by all video participants:

Views – Number of times videos were viewed in this course. For more details, please refer to How Views are counted.

Engagement – Rating for user generated content creation and consumption for the course. For more details please refer to How engagement is measured.

Collaboration - Number of comments and replies in the course (by all course users).

Interactions - Number of Interactions in the course (for all course videos).

Interactions - Number of interactions such as quizzes (for all course users).

Notes - Number of personal notes in the course (by all course users).

Users Activity

The Users Activity table provides analytics of each user's activity in the video:

The table can be filtered by each column to quickly find the most active users in the video by the selected activity type. For example the most engaged users, or users that are sharing their knowledge by adding the most replies, or users with the highest\lowest Average Completion Rate, etc.

Extremely low activity of a user may indication for "at risk learner".

  • Last Activity - Date when the user was last active in the video.

  • Total Completion – Aggregated video completion for all view sessions the user had (video coverage).

  • Avg. Completion Rate – Sum of percent watched in each view session divided by number of views. This metric provides user's dropout rate for each video.

  • Watch Time(%) - Aggregated number of seconds the user has watched in all view sessions. The metric is shown in percentage for convenience.

  • Views - Number of times the user viewed the video.

  • Engagement - User's score for UGC creation and consumption in this video. For more details please refer to How engagement is measured.

  • Collaboration - Number of comments and replies the user added in the video.

  • Replies - Number of replies the user submitted.

  • Notes - Number of personal notes.

In the above example table we can see that Gili viewed the entire video (Total Completion 100%). However, each time she played it, she watched only a little - on average, she watched 31% of the video every time she played it (Average Completion Rate).

Note that the total amount of time she spent watching the video (Watch Time%) is 573%, meaning she watched it more than once, repeating on some pars.

To learn more about Total Completion, Avg. Completion Rate and Watch time, we highly recommend reading our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Activity Trends graph shows trends of key metrics over a period of time in the video. It allows to investigate how the users learn over time and identify important events throughout the video life cycle.

The key metrics of the trends are: Engagement (blue), Collaboration (green), Notes(orange) and Views(red).

Might also interest you: How to use Activity Trends graph To


The Assessment tab provides details on the graded interactions activities such as quizzes.


Grades Overview of the activity:

  • The highest grade that was achieved in the video

  • The mean grade of all participants

  • The lowest grade that was achieved in the video

User Completion graph shows how many of the participants completed the activity:

Quizzes Results

Below the overview, you will find the quizzes results of all the users that participated in the activity:

Clicking on a user dives into the activity of that specific user, including the user's final grade, the number of completed interactions and the number of correct attempts.

At the bottom part you can also see the user's answers to each interaction.

Video Preferences

Video preferences allows you to override the course defaults and set preferences specific to the video.

To learn more about preferences please refer to the Preferences section.

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