Welcome to the Annoto Dashboard!

β€ŒThe Annoto Dashboard provides full management and analytics capabilities in order to shed light on learners' video consumption and behavior within Annoto in-video collaboration widget, providing you with analytics and insights on their activity in the course.

Dashboard Structure

The dashboard provides a number of views allowing to get a quick glance on the course activities and gradually dive into details up to insights on single user activity on a specific video.

The main views are:

  • Course View - contains course management hub, insights and preferences.

  • Video View - allows to manage the discussion, provides detailed insights, evaluate the assessment results and customize preferences for the specific video.

  • User View - provides detailed insights on specific user activities within the course.

Most of the main views contains the following tabs:


Enables management of the content


Provides analytics and insights about the content and the users


The place to set features and UX for the course or specific video

The Navigation Bar (at the top of the page) is bread-crumbs-style navigation system that indicates the view you are in and allows quick navigation.

For exmple, the above navigation bar shows Video View of a video called "Climate Change 101" in a course called "Annoto". Clicking on the course name will take you back to the Course View.

Diving into Details

To navigate into more specific view, simply click on one of the rows in the hub or on a row in any of the tables in the insights tab.

For example:

At the bottom of each table, you can find the controls bar:

Insights Time Range

On each Insights tab of the dashboard the date range controls allows to set the preferred period for the analytics.

The time period can be set by clicking on the date range. This will open a calendar in which you can choose your preferred dates (choose "from", "to" and click "apply") :

Following a Course

You can subscribe to be notified on new comments posted in your course directly from the dashboard.

In order to subscribe to email notifications, all you have to do is click on Follow this Course button at the top right part of the dashboard:

Once you see "Following", you are subscribed and will receive email notifications for every new comment (or a reply) that was added in any of your course videos.

New, not reviewed comments can always be spotted in the Hub.

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