Brightspace (D2L) - Direct integration

Once Annoto is enabled in your course, it is automatically added to videos that are embedded in Brightspace (D2L).

Adding a video with Annoto

In order to use Annoto in a video within your Brightspace (D2L):

1. Under Content tab: Click "Add Existing":

2. Choose: "Annoto Quicklink":

  1. In the Embed Annoto Quicklink window, add the URL (in [Embed Code\ URL]):

4. Add the video title.

If you want – you can set the embed aspect ratio and the embed size:

5. Click Embed

6. Annoto will be automatically added to the video

Accessing Annoto Insights dashboard

You can access the Annoto Insights Dashboard directly from the Brightspace (D2L) navigation bar:

The Annoto Insights Dashboard is displayed.

Click here to learn about the amazing analytics the dashboard provides and all the insights that can be gained from them.

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