How to add Annoto Course Dashboard to the NavBar

  1. Adding the Annoto Course dashboard can be done either by the admin in the course template, or by the individual course admin

  2. Hover over the navigation bar and click the three dots on the right (or pencil icon on the left).

  3. Click Edit This NavBar

  1. The Edit Navbar window is displayed.

  2. Click Add Links.

  1. Click Create Custom Link

6. In the Create Custom Link window, enter Annoto Course Dashboard as the Name.

7. Click Insert Quicklink.

  1. Select External Learning Tools.

  2. Select Annoto Dashboard.

  1. The URL Quicklink is displayed:

  1. Under Behavior choose "Same Window"

  2. Under Availability make sure to choose course staff and exclude unauthorized roles (e.g. student)

  3. Click Create and then Add

  1. Click Save and Close

  1. Annoto Course Dashboard should be now available in the NavBar


If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact us at Annoto Support

Last but not least

To learn more about Annoto’s dashboard and the insights provided by it, visit our Annoto’s Dashboard Guide page and the Dashboard’s Best Practices.

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