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How-to Add Annoto to Kaltura Player

Follow the next steps in order to add Annoto capabilities to Kaltura player.
  1. 2.
    Choose the desired player (e.g. ‘Example Player – Basic’).
3. Choose in the right menu “Plugins”
4. Create New Plugin For the desired player by pressing on the ‘Create New Plugin’ button.
5. Message box will be shown enter the Plugin name “annoto” and then press ‘Add’ button.
Note : The name of the plugin needs to be “annoto” (this name is important, this is how Kaltura works).
6. Define the following variables for the plugin:
  • Name: iframeHTML5Js
  • Name: domain
  • Type: Text
  • Value:
    • EU:
    • US:
    • Staging:
  • Name: customerKey
  • Type: Text
  • Value: eyJhbGciOiJ..... (The Customer Key for your domain provided by Annoto).
    • This is depending on the use case of using Annoto.
    • If you are not sure, please contact your Annoto support to get more information. [email protected]
If Annoto LTI is used, the customerKey configuration is not required
Note: If customerKey is not provided, Annoto Will load in Demo Mode.
Demo Mode allow you to experience the product but all comments created are not saved after page refresh.
7. Save player settings and that's it, use the player with Annoto Capabilities.


If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact us at Annoto Support

Last but not least

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