Comments Export

Annoto's Comments feature facilitates dynamic interaction by allowing users to add time-stamped comments directly on video content. This turns passive video consumption into an engaging, collaborative experience. Comments can be used for discussions, questions, feedback, and sharing additional resources, enhancing the overall learning environment.

Exporting these comments is a valuable feature that enables moderators to archive discussions, review interactions, and analyze feedback comprehensively.

Supported Export Types

Annoto supports exporting comments in several formats:

  • Word: Ideal for maintaining the format and structure of the comments, making it easy to share and review.

  • CSV: Provides a structured, tabular format suitable for data analysis and integration with other tools.

You can find more information about exporting comments in this link:


You have the option to brand the files that are exported from the system. To do this, you can create specific templates that align with your brand identity. These templates can then be sent either to your Annoto Customer Success Manager (CSM) or to Annoto Support

Export a video's comments branding template

Word Format:

Excel Format:

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