Set Annoto as a Tool Provider


This document shows how to add Annoto to your Brightspace environment.

Add Annoto as a Tool Provider

The Tool Provider allows you to enter the Annoto key and secret one time for all the Annoto tools.

  1. Click the Admin Tools icon and click "External Learning Tools".

2. Click on "Manage Tool Providers (Legacy)" tab and then click "New Tool Provider" .

3. Fill in the information as follows:

  • Launch Point:

  • Depending on your type of deployment (Ask your Annoto support representive):

    • EU:


    • US:


  • Version: Choose the LTI 1.1 version from the drop down

  • OAuth Signature Method: Select HMAC-SHA1

  • Secret: Use your Annoto Admin Secret that was provided to you by Annoto

  • Check "Use custom tool consumer information instead of default” under "Tool consumer information".

  • Key: Use your Annoto Admin Host ID that was provided to you by Annoto

    • Note: This needs to be Annoto Host ID and note API Key/Client ID

  • Name: Choose a name for the Tool, e.g.: Annoto Course Dashboard

  • Description: Enter a description that users will understand, e.g. "‌The Annoto Dashboard helps you manage and analyze learners' video consumption and behavior".

  • Contact Email: Enter an email address for users who wish to contact support at your institution.

  • Check "Allow users to use this tool provider" under "Visibility”.

  • Check all boxes under “Security Settings”.

  • Add the appropriate org units for where in your institution you would like to use Annoto. We recommend choosing the main Org unit and all sub descendants, but you can also select otherwise.

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