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This document shows how to add Annoto to your Schoology environment.

System Administrators can create and install LTI apps at the district level. Depending on the app, System Administrators may install for all courses/groups or specific users only.

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Become an App Developer in Schoology

  1. Click on Tools and then User Management

  1. Click on Permissions

  1. Go to Schoology Apps and APIs (at the end of the page)

  2. Check the Box for Develop apps for system Admin

  1. Click on Save permissions

Create the LTI 1.3 app in Schoology

  1. As an admin, log into the Schoology apps page.

  2. Click Add App.

  3. Fill in the following information:

    • App Name: Annoto

    • Description:

    "Annoto provides you with a toolkit that lets you create a range of assessments and interactive video activities for any use case, while providing you actionable insights on the students and the video content delivered."

    • Category - Choose all

    • Recommended For:

  4. For Type of App, select LTI 1.3 App, and Check the Launch app in Schoology

  1. For Can be installed for, select where users will be able to access the app (e.g. Users, Courses, Groups), Click the following checkboxes and enter the following strings:

The Annoto Dashboard string value and Embed Annoto Media string value are provided by Annoto;

If you do not have this information, please contact us:

  1. Set Configuration Type, Privacy, LTI Advantage Extensions as follow:

  1. JWKS URL - Copy and paste the values you received from Annoto Support.

  2. For the Domain/URL in the Schoology configuration page

  1. Click the checkbox for Require System Administrators to configure settings for this App.

  2. Click the checkbox for This application meets the Schoology Terms of Use.

  3. Click Submit.

Configure the Client ID

  1. Navigate to the Schoology Apps page and log in.

  2. Next to the newly created Annoto app, click Options.

  1. Copy the Client ID and send it to the Annoto support/Account manager to activate your account.

Add the Annoto App to a Schoology Organization

  1. Navigate to the Schoology My Developer Apps page and log in.

  2. Click Install LTI 1.3 app.

  3. Click I Agree, to authorize access to Schoology by the Annoto app.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Click Add to Organization.

  6. Click the checkboxes next to the Users, Courses, or Groups you want to install the Annoto app for.

  7. Click Submit.

Add the Annoto App to a Schoology Course/Group

  1. Navigate to the Schoology Organization Apps page and log in.

  2. Click Install/Remove app.

  3. Click All Courses.

  1. Click Submit.

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