Students Interaction


Students can use the platform to interact with one another, regarding video content:

  • Introduce themselves

  • Ask questions

  • Share thoughts

  • Reply to other students' questions

In general, this is a way for students to share thoughts, theories & ideas, and in some cases - even feelings (students sharing how the video made them feel) .

Types of interactions:

Introduce themselves

Some courses include students from different regions, backgrounds or even countries. Starting a course with students introduction can overcome social distancing, help the students feel more comfortable and encourage collaborative learning.

Ask questions

There is a lot that a student can learn from his peers. Asking questions will not only help the student to have a better understanding of the video, but can also expose students to other ways of thinking.

Share thoughts

Having the opportunity to share one's personal view of things can create meaningful discussions between students, the kind that nurtures outside of the box thinking and celebrates similarities an differences between students.

Reply to other students' questions

For a student, being able to answer others' questions means to take a step forward in terms of learning. When students are given the legitimization to answer their peers, their answers become more in-depth, established, and based on knowledge, as the responsibility to provide a good, relevant, meaningful answer is on their shoulders.


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