People Space

People Space enables personal communication and networking between video viewers, as well as to see users' presence (whether they are online or offline).

People Space tabs

Clicking on People opens a space that includes 2 tabs:

  • People

  • Chat

People Tab

The people tab enables to see all the users in the course and their presence, thus helps to decrease the loneliness of the learner and to set expectations (when inviting a user to chat – if the user is not online, an instant reply cannot be expected).

Users in People tab are in the following order:

First – all the users who are online (will be indicated by a green dot) – organized in an alphabetical order

Then – all offline users (will be indicated by a grey dot) - organized in an alphabetical order

Clicking on a user’s name will show the user’s details and the option to chat with them:

Of course - there is also the option to search for a specific user:

Clicking on “Chat” button will open a conversation with that person.

Click “Type a message” to chat.

Chat Tab

The one-on-one conversation provides the opportunity for learners to discuss with one another regarding the learned material, hence empowering the learning process with private discussions between learners. It also enables instructors a private discussions with any user in the group (TA’s, learners, etc.).

Clicking on the Chat tab shows all the users you have conversations with (and the last message that was written).

Clicking on any of the conversations shows all previous messages with that person.

Getting notified on a new messages

Once a new chat message was sent to a user, the user will see an indication with the number of new messages:

Clicking on the chat enables to read the messages and dismisses the indication for new messages.

Rich Text messages

The chat enables a richer experience of writing, same as in the Comments Space :

  • Ordered list (Type 1. (or any other number followed by a dot) at the beginning of a new line and it will magically transform to ordered list)

  • Bullet list (Type * , - or + at the beginning of a new line)

Shift + Enter to a new line

  • Emojis (Add smiley faces, hearts, winks etc. by typing their shortcuts and a space after them: :-), <3 , ;) or :p )

  • Bold - Type double asterisks for **Bold text**

  • Italic - Type underscores for _Italic Text_

  • Highlight - Type equal signs ==like this== to highlight

  • Blockquote - Type > at the beginning of a new line

Different uses of People Space

In addition to a private discussion, the Annoto 1*1 chat in the People Space can be used as another way for instructor to provide feedback to a learner, as part of the Skills Assessment use case.

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