Learners can interact with the video in many different ways. In addition to creating a discussion, inviting them to share and adding various types of open-ended questions, you can add closed questions, reflection points and even polls and surveys.

Every activity is measured, analyzed and presented in the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard, enabling you to evaluate learners' performance.

Adding an interaction

Adding the interaction is done via the Interactions space.

Until publishing the interaction, all learners will not see the Interaction Space. This space will be visible to them only after the interactions have been published.

You can add as many interactions as you like at any give time in the video (each interaction will be time-tagged).

Click here to learn all about the different interactions types.

The Annoto Dashboard tables can be exported, meaning you can easily see all analytics in a table (thus filter a specific user for grading purposes).

Have additional ideas of interactions? We'd love to hear them! Click here to share with us

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