Personal Notes Space
The Annoto Personal Notes Space allows you to add notes that are visible only to you.
Learners use their personal notes to summarize the video, bookmark and highlight specific moments.
Instructors use their personal notes to reflect on the content, add insights based on the discussion in the Comments Space and plan ahead based on these insights (an instructor's personal note can be for example: "remember to provide an additional explanation to this topic\ share examples".)
Same as in the Comments Space, every note is time-tagged, meaning everything you write is always in the context of the video. Clicking on the time-tag of each note takes to the exact moment in the video it refers.
Once you move to the “Personal notes” area, the interactive timeline will visualize only the notes you added.

How to add a Personal Note?

If you want to add a personal note, all you have to do is start typing in "Write a personal note..." section. The video will be automatically paused (so you won't miss anything while writing).

What else can you do with a note?

Adding a sentiment

Each note can get a sentiment, just like in the Sentiments in the Comments Space
Once your note is ready, simply hit Enter, or click the send button (green arrow, as you can see in the image below):

Multiple lines

If you wish to move to the next line in your note, click Shift + Enter.

Adding an external video as a note

You can also add videos as your personal notes.
Adding a video as a note is done the same way as adding an external video as a comment
The video will be embedded in your personal notebook, as you can see here:

Export the notes

All the personal notes can be exported, both of a specific video and of the entire course.

Export a video's Notes

Your personal notes of a video can be exported to docs or xlsx, directly from the Annoto menu:
Once you click on the “Export” button, you get to choose the format for exporting your personal notes (spreadsheet or a document).
If you're having trouble to decide - you can export to one format and then to the other. There is no limitation for the number of times a user exports.
Each exported file contains:
    Course name
    Video name
    A link to the video
    Video duration
The notes are sorted chronologically, and for each comment you can see:
    Its timetag (the time of the video it was written at)
    The date it was written
    The note’s sentiment (if there was any)
For a quick video of how to export your personal notes, click here.

Export course notes

All the personal notes that were written in all videos of a course can be exported from My Space.
This way each user can have his own personal journal of the course.
You can learn how to export your course notes from My Space here.

Different Uses of Personal Notes

Learners can use their personal notes to summarize the video, reflect on the content, add questions\ thoughts\ ideas\ insights that only they can see and bookmark specific moments. The notes can be exported and then be edited, printed, submitted or sent. You can encourage your learners to use their personal notes for their needs.
Instructors can use their personal notes to reflect on the content, add insights from the discussion in the comments space, and plan next steps based on these insights (such as: referring to a specific topic that was raised in the discussion, adding examples or sharing another explanation with the video viewers (in case they are struggling, for example) and even make changes in the course content before next semester, based on insights from this semester).
The personal notes can be used for assignments. You can read all about it here.
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