Recording video as a comment

When Video as a comment is enabled, Annoto users can reply not only with text, but also in any of the following recording options:

  • Self-recording (Camera)

  • Screen recording

And just like everything that happens in Annoto, this ability is also performed within your LMS (without having to go to a different platform) and without the need to download anything.

How to record?

In order to record a video as your comment:

  1. Click “Add a comment” in the Annoto widget

2. Click the video camera icon:

3. Choose what you want to record: Camera or Screen

4. Select the settings (Microphone\ camera)

If you chose Camera – you will see at the left bottom a screen of what will be recorded


6. You can pause the recording anytime by clicking the Pause button and you can continue recording by clicking on the red button:

7. Whenever you want to end the recording, click on the Stop button:

8. Now you can choose what you want to do with the recording:

a. Post – will add the video as a comment

b. Click the X button – will not save the video.

In case you clicked the X button, and you want to record again – click on the video camera icon in the comment and start recording.

The video will be added to the discussion, as you can see here:

You may also see how to do so in this video.

What can I do with video as a comment? Examples

Here are a few examples of how video as a comment can be used to expand and enrich the conversation:

Save time

The ability to record a video instead of writing an insight, comment or feedback can be a great time-saver for some people.

Instead of typing your thoughts, you can just say what you have in mind. This can save you some precious time.

Provide extended feedback

If one picture is worth 1000 words, imagine the worth of a video recording!

A video feedback combines not only the content of the feedback, but a lot of additional added value: the tone of what is said, body language, hand gestures - all of these create a much more comprehensive way of expression.

Create "How to" videos

Recording the screen opens a world of possibilities in the ability to show how to do something, instead of explaining it.

This can be used to demonstrate how a program works, to show how to find something in your device, to demo how to change settings, to focus the viewers on a specific location in your screen, etc.

Record\ ask for introduction videos

Video as a comment can be used to strengthen the introduction between all video viewers - Learners & Instructors. Anyone can add a self-recorded video, answering a specific question (such as: "why did you choose to take this class?"), or telling about themselves.

Can be used, for example, at the beginning of the semester, where the instructor and the learners introduce themselves in a video – can be a great ice-breaker! 😊

Language Teaching

When teaching languages, pronouncing has a huge meaning. Video as a comment can be easily used to demonstrate how to pronounce a specific word, phrase or even a letter.

The instructor can record the correct way to pronounce and\or ask the learners to record themselves doing so.

Feedback on a created video

When a video is created, feedback can be given in several ways.

Adding time-base written comments is one of these ways. By recording your screen as a comment, you can also show exactly what you are referring (in terms of a specific part of the video, as well as a specific location on the screen).

Sometimes the easiest way to help a learner understand is to give them a real, visual example of what you’re talking about.

You can also learn more about video as a comment in the Annoto Use Cases here.

Recording video as a comment checklist

In order to record video as a comment, no need to download anything or to go to a different platform. All is within your environment!

If you want to make sure everything is set up for recording, feel free to check out this list:

  • Internet connection – Internet connection must be stable.

    • Make sure you have a 0.5 Mbps (500K) internet speed.

    • You can check your internet speed here.

    • If possible, a wired connection is preferred.

  • Equipment (Camera\ Microphone)

    • Make sure you are not currently using your camera in a different app (a camera can be used only in one application at a time).

    • Make sure your browser permissions allow using the Microphone and Camera.

      • If you need to enable your microphone and camera and no prompt has shown, you can see how to set it here.

      • If a prompt shows up, make sure to allow using the camera and microphone:

  • Browser

    • Make sure your browser is always up to date. If you are not sure, feel free to check it here.

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