How to add Annoto widget


This document shows how to add Annoto in-video collaboration widget to your OpenEdx course videos

Adding Annoto In-Video Collaboration Widget

Note: Annoto module need to be added to the course if is not exist please refer to Annoto Widget Integration - OpenEdx (xBlock) guide.

Once the Annoto Module was added to the Course, it should be added to the course unit, using the following steps:

  1. On the Course Outline page, open the unit in which you want to add Annoto:

  1. In course unit, add the video bock.

  1. Under Add New Component, click ​Advanced​, and then select ​Annoto​.

  1. Click Edit and then change Annoto settings as you prefer:

Annoto Widget Settings

  • Display name: The name of the module

  • Widget position: Select the position of Annoto widget in the video player.

  • Overlay Video: Will Annoto show on the video (True) or outside of it (False)

  • Tabs: Annoto widget will have tabs on the side for quickly toggling between discussion and private notes.

Enabled Hidden

  • Initial State: When the video starts – will Annoto be open or closed

  • Discussion Scope: Will discussions on a video be per course (Private per course) or will anyone in the site be able to be a part of the conversation (Site Wide).

  1. Save the changes you made.

  2. In order for the changes to go live, don’t forget to Publish the unit:

  1. In order to see Annoto on the published page click on View Live Version


If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact us at Annoto Support

Last but not least

To learn how to add the Annoto Dashboard in your OpenEdX, go to How to access Annoto Dashboard page.

In order to learn more about the wonderful things you can do with Annoto, visit the Annoto Widget Guide page.