Moodle External Tool (iFrame) Window Size


When using LTI in embedded mode with Moodle, the default iFrame height is very low.

The following describes how to increase the iFrame height

Install a Moodle plugin

Download this plugin and install it in your Moodle

Moodle 3: message_handler2024-06-04

Moodle 4: message_handler2024-06-04-Moodle4.

Installing via uploaded ZIP file

  1. Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration > Site administration > Plugins > Install plugins.

  2. Upload the ZIP file. You should only be prompted to add extra details (in the Show more section) if your plugin is not automatically detected.

  3. If your target directory is not writeable, you will see a warning message.

  4. Check the plugin validation report

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