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Set the External Learning Tools

  1. 1.
    Click the Admin Tools icon and click "External Learning Tools".
2. Click on "Manage External Learning Tool Links"
4. Click on each Annoto tool :
  • Annoto Insert Stuff (CIM) launch
  • Annoto Quicklink (CIM) launch
and modify as follows:
  • Visibility: Check the box for “Allow users to view this link”
  • Check "Allow users to use this tool provider" under "Visibility”.
  • Check the boxes under “Signature” and choose “Tool consumer key/secret”.
  • Check “Use tool provider security settings” under “Security Settings”.
  • Add the appropriate org units for where in your institution you would like to use Annoto. We recommend choosing the main Org unit and all sub descendants, but you can also select otherwise
  • Click Save and close.