Guided Watching

The Use Case

In Guided Watching the instructor guides learners throughout the video watching experience.

Type of Activity

Learner-Instructor interaction, Learner-Content Interaction.

Activity Flow

This can be done in multiple ways:

  • Asking the learners questions related to specific moments in the video

  • Bringing their attention to specific moments in the video

  • Translating or simplifying terms, phrases, or ideas

  • Connecting moments in the video to previous class discussions

  • Highlighting moments that are important for the final exam

  • Using Annoto as an enriching layer – providing additional knowledge or resources

  • Providing any type of message to the viewers

Video as a comment in Guided Watching

In Guided Watching, video as a comment opens additional ways for the instructor to deliver messages to the viewers. Showing the correct annunciation of a term or a phrase, recording the screen for “How to” purposes, and even adding additional insights or comments as a video are only a few examples of what can be done.

Gain Insights

The Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard presents analytics and insights on the class activity, in terms of video consumption, users’ participation and engagement, and enables a quick and easy management of the discussion (replying easily to learners, give their comments “Educator’s Thumbs Up” and even delete comments, if needed). All from the dashboard itself.

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