Flipped Classroom

The Use Case

A flipped classroom is pedagogical approach where learners first explore new course content outside of class by viewing a pre-recorded lecture video or digital module. This is the reverse of the more common practice of introducing new content at class, then assigning homework and projects to completed by the learners independently in an asynchronous way.

Type of Activity

Learner-Content Interaction, Learner-Instructor interaction, Learners Interaction.

Activity Flow

In online learning flipped classroom, learners are requested to watch a video before a synchronous session. During their watching, they are required to complete tasks, such as:

  • Answer questions in the comments space (in this case it is recommended to add questions in specific parts of the video in advance [prior to asking learners to watch it])

  • Share their thoughts\ questions\ impressions of the video in the comments space

  • Have a discussion with their fellow learners (reply to their peers' comments and questions)

  • Summarize the new content in their Personal Notes, and then share what they have learned with fellow learners (teach them, or share insights on the new content)

The Learner:

  • Can watch the video multiple times (as many as needed), at his own pace, can ask questions in advance (no need to wait until the learning session), and get guidance to the process of watching the video

  • Can highlight important moments in the video, summarize, or bookmark things in the personal notes, then export them and bring them to the next session

  • The video, as well as the discussion, are constantly available, thus enabling the learner to go back to the video at any given moment, to re-watch, to read the discussion, to learn and to find new thinking angles

  • All learners can watch the video at the same time, or each of them on their own time - extremely flexible

The Instructor:

  • The Annoto Insights Dashboard sheds a light on the learning that took place

  • The instructor can see the questions that were raised during the learning process (prior to the session this content will be discussed)

  • The instructor knows in advance whether there are topics that need further clarifications

  • The session can be planned in advance, based on the questions and comments that were raised in the comments space

Gain Insights

The Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard provides insights on the activity in the video, thus in addition to viewing learners' participation & understanding (a lot can be learnt not only from learners' comments, but also from their replies to one another), it can help planning the next session, based on the discussion in the video:

  • How many learners watched the video (and what percentage of the video each of them watched).

  • Which learners commented in the video? Who replied to fellow learners?

  • What comments were written? You can read the entire discussion. This allows you to:

    • Plan how to navigate\ manage the class discussion

    • See if there are any issues\ topics in which learners may be struggling and need further assistance\ explanation\ examples.

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