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As part of our constant mission to empower any video experience and use case, we are extremely excited to share that we released the Annoto In-context configuration support (Annoto Preferences)!

Up to now

Using the current setting organizations were able to do the following:
Using the KAF/KMS Admin to enable Annoto on all videos in the site.
​ActivatedByDefault Setting (Annoto KAF/KMS Module Admin Panel)​
Using the Media Gallery/Channel edit actions to enable Annoto on all videos in the channel.
Enable Annoto in Course/Channel
There was no option to:
Define which Annoto features are enabled
Annoto cannot be enabled per video; the current behavior is that Annoto is enabled on all videos in the channel, and the user must disable Annoto manually on each video.

In-context configuration Support

The In-context configuration enables customers to use Annoto with the desired features they need across their different use cases and activities.
Annoto Preferences
Annoto Preferences have been added to the Annoto dashboard, enabling you to customize and manage the your course/videos features and UX preferences in the Annoto Analytics dashboard via the Annoto Preferences button, that looks like this:
Using the Annoto dashboard, users can now set desired features on all channel/course or just for specific videos, based on their use cases and activities, or just disable Annoto. Therefore, all Annoto settings are now managed through the Annoto dashboard rather than the Channel/Media Gallery.
Accessing the Annoto Analytics Dashboard is done via the Channel Actions menu in Kaltura:

Backward compatibility

To support backward compatibility, we added a new setting in the Annoto KAF/KMS Module Admin Panel called disableDepreactedOptions:
disableDepreactedOptions (Annoto KAF/KMS Module Admin Panel)​
When disableDeprecatedOptions is set to No, all old settings are also supported (e.g. Enable Annoto in the channel, Disable per video), but it is marked as Deprecated, as seen in the following images.
Annoto KAF/KMS Module Admin Panel​
Channel/Media Gallery Settings​
When disableDeprecatedOptions is set to Yes, all old settings will be removed, and control will be contained in the Annoto dashboard via the Annoto Preferences.
Last modified 11mo ago