Getting Started

Quick getting started video:

Once Annoto is enabled in your course, it is automatically added to videos that are embedded in your Canvas.

Adding a video with Annoto

In order to use Annoto in a video within your Canvas, choose the activity you are interested in (Pages\ Discussion, etc.)

1. Create new

2. Add a title to the activity

4. Choose Embed Annoto Media

5. In the Embed Annoto Media window, add the URL (in [Embed Code\ URL]):

6. Add the video title.

If you want – you can set the embed aspect ratio and the embed size:

7. Click Embed

8. Save the activity

9. Annoto will be automatically added to the video

Accessing Annoto Insights dashboard

You can access the Annoto Insights Dashboard directly from the Canvas menu:

The Annoto Insights Dashboard is displayed.

Click here to learn about the amazing analytics the dashboard provides and all the insights that can be gained from them.

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