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Annoto provides you the ability to gain insights on learners' activity and learning. Using different types of questions can shed light on different aspects of the learning, such as: learners' online presence, levels of understanding, video feedback, etc.

Knowledge-Based Questions 💡

These questions dig deeper into the content of the video and provide a clearer view of the levels of understanding - of a specific learner as an individual and of all learners as a whole.

Types of questions

  • Theory to Practice

  • Analysis

  • Probing questions

  • Cause and effect


  • "What are potential reasons for..."

  • "What are the advantages and disadvantages of..."

  • "Analyze the video according to the model we studied in our last session"

It is recommended to ask questions that will encourage varied answers, rather than asking a Yes\No question, that may ne resulted by multiple “yes’s” in the discussion.

The discussion itself can be managed in the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard.

Emotion-Based questions 💓

This type of questions enables learners to share what's on their minds and can increase the reach in terms of the number of users that will participate. As opposed to knowledge questions (that in case they are not mandatory, probably only learners who have confidence in their knowledge will answer), questions that ask learners to share feelings and thoughts can get more users to answer (even the “shy” ones), as there is no “right” and “wrong” when it comes to feelings .

Types of questions

  • Emotional questions

  • Reflection Questions


  • "How did that video make you feel? "

  • "What would you do differently..?"

  • “How would you use what you’ve learned in this video in your daily life?”

You may invite learners to reply to their peers, in order to increase the learners’ interaction, and to empower the learning-fusion.

Questions aimed to keep the learners engaged with the video 👓

The main idea of this assignment is to cause learners to get in the video and watch it.

Types of questions

  • Describing

  • Identifying elements in the video


  • "Please identify all the ... in the video"

  • "Describe the actions of character X in the video”

  • "What 3 key elements are mentioned in the video? "

Video watching statistics can be found in the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard.

Adding a question that includes the phrase: “until this moment” or “so far” towards the end of the video keeps the viewers “on their toes” in terms of staying concentrated throughout the video.

For example: “What is the uniqueness of the video from the beginning and up until this moment? “

“What musical elements did you recognize in the song so far?”

Of course, any other question that comes to mind can be used.

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