On top of enabling discussion and personal notes, Annoto can be used for different types of assignments.

Every activity is measured, analyzed and presented in the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard, enabling you to evaluate learners' performance (both quantitatively and qualitatively).

Submitting assignments

Two ways to submit an assignment:

  • In the shared space - the Comments Space. In this case, all users can see what their fellow learners have written and learn from one another.

  • The assignment is filled in the Personal Notes Space and then exported to a document (via the Annoto menu) and submitted to the instructor (via email or any other way of your choice)

Click here to learn how to export personal notes.

The Annoto Dashboard tables can be exported, meaning you can easily see all analytics in a table (thus filter a specific user for grading purposes).

A video discussion can be also exported, enabling to see all the comments that were written by a specific user in a video.

Have additional ideas of assignments? We'd love to hear them! Click here to share with us.

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