Activities with Annoto

On top of enabling discussion and personal notes, Annoto can be used for different types of activities. Every activity is measured, analyzed, and presented in the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard, enabling you to evaluate learners' performance (both quantitatively and qualitatively).

Asynchronous activity during a synchronous session

  • Setting up time during a synchronous class for practice (15-20 minutes, for example)

  • During this time, learners act individually (each of them watch the video and performs the activity they were requested to complete), for example:

    • Describing what they are seeing in the video

    • Answering questions in the comments space (in this case it is recommended to add questions in specific parts of the video in advance [prior to asking learners to watch it])

    • Analyzing the video according to a model that was previously learned

  • Throughout the learners' activity, the instructor can read learners' comments and plan the discussion that will be following this activity.

The Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard provides insights on the activity in the video, and enables you to stay on top of everything that is happening during the activity:

  • How many comments each learner wrote (Collaboration in Video Users table)?

  • Did all learners complete watching the video, or did some of them watch only a part of it (Total completion in Video Users table)?

  • What comments were written? You can read the entire discussion. This allows you to:

    • Plan how to navigate\ manage the class discussion

    • See if there are any issues\ topics in which learners my be struggling and need further assistance\ explanation\ examples.

A competition between the learners (game-like activity)

By Time

  • Setting up a specific time in which all learners will participate

  • Within this slot of time, all learners must find as many X* as possible

By Number

  • Every learner needs to find as many X* as possible (at his own time)

[*Example: in marketing course the instructor arranged a competition between all learners - watching a video that contains many different commercials, learners need to find as many commercial elements as possible]

With the Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard you can view the participation of each learner and his level of success in the competition:

Exit Slips - Reflection on the session\ video

  • At the end of the session, each learner answers questions about the session, such as:

    • What is the most important thing you took from this session?

    • What interested you the most?

    • Is there a topic you would like to re-discuss in the next session?

  • Learners can answer either in the Comments space or in their Personal Notes Space.

  • At the beginning of the next session, learners can be asked to share what they wrote (in case they were asked to write in their Personal Notes space).

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