Enabling Annoto in the Course

Enable Annoto in a Channel

Enabling Annoto in a channel (course) is done via Annoto Dashboard's Preferences.

Accessing the dashboard

To access Annoto Insights dashboard in your Canvas:

  1. Go to the Kaltura's Channel Actions menu

  2. Click on Annoto Dashboard

The Annoto Analytics Dashboard is displayed:

Enabling Annoto in a channel/course

  1. In the Annoto Dashboard click on the Preferences tab

  2. Choose the features you want to enable in the course videos (either by using the toggle or by choosing a preset):

The chosen features will apply on all course videos that were uploaded by Kaltura

Disable Annoto on Specific Media

After you enable Annoto on your entire MediaSpace instance or for a specific channel, you can disable Annoto per media.

To disable Annoto for a specific media entry:

  1. In the Annoto Dashboard click on the Hub tab

  2. Select the video that you want to disable Annoto for (you can search by video title).

  3. Go to the Preferences tab of this video view:

  4. Set the features you want for this video (you can use a preset, such as "Disabled" or "Analytics" or even enable only the personal notes for this video)

Adding a video with Annoto

In order to use Annoto in a video within your Canvas

1. Add the video to your Media Gallery\ My Media

2. Choose the activity you are interested in (Pages\ Discussion, etc.)

3. Create new

4. Add a title to the activity

6. Choose Embed Kaltura Media

7. Choose the video you are interested in from the Embed Kaltura Media

8. Click Embed for the video you are interested in

9. If you want – you can choose the embed aspect ratio and the embed size, on the gear icon next to Embed icon

10. Save the activity

11. Annoto will be automatically added to the video

Click here to learn about the comprehensive analytics the dashboard provides and all the insights that can be gained from them.

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