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Enable Annoto in a Channel

Annoto is enabling your course participants to add time-based annotations as an overlay to any video content, turning passive video watching into an active and collaborative learning experience while providing you actionable insights on the students and the video content delivered.

Annoto lets you create a variety of assessments and interactive video-based activities.

You can incorporate video-based feedback into Canvas assessments, create in-video quizzes or meaningful discussions by letting your students add time-based annotations to video lectures in different content pages,or/and use it as a personal learning journal through the course, and much more.

Transform passive video viewing into an active, collaborative experience that provides you with actionable insights about students and videos.

With Annoto, you can use video content for Video Assessment, skills development, Peer Review & Reflection, Video Feedback, Collaborative Learning, and so much more.


Annoto works within the Canvas environment within your existing video content (e.g. Kaltura, Vimeo and any other video source) with zero configuration (without redirecting the instructor outside of the Canvas LMS) and integrated into the Kaltura environment.

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