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Annoto is an in-video collaboration solution that enables learners to contribute, share and learn together, promoting an interactive group experience.

Annoto allows learners to lean forward, become actively involved and return to the video content, sharing ideas and learn with their peers.

For example, learners can ask questions on specific moments in the video lecture that they didn’t understand and get notified when answered, or engage in meaningful conversations on the content. All the interactions are kept in the context of the video.

The learners also have a personal notebook where they can reflect on the video content, add bookmarks and can add additional information (e.g., videos and web links).

Enabling an active video viewing experience will result in higher engagement, retention and continuous enrichment of video content. Annoto’s comprehensive analytics and insights allow you to curate and monitor learners' activities and gain insights on the video content.

In-Video Collaboration Layer

Annoto adds an interactive layer to the video content that consists of :

  • In-Video Collaboration Widget

  • Interactive Timeline

Every comment in the widget has a time tag that is linked to a specific moment in the video; Clicking on the comment's time tag will take you to the relevant moment in the video.

The interactive timeline shows a visual representation of the comments created. The comments are represented by the colorful bars on the timeline. The height indicates the number of comments and votes at that moment in the video; the colors indicate the sentiment (type) of the comments. Clicking on one of the bars (comment indicators) in the timeline will scroll the discussion to the relevant comments for this moment.

In-Video Collaboration Widget

Annoto In-Video Collaboration Widget allows you to collaborate with your learners, ask questions, take notes and much more - and all of this is always related to specific moments in the video.

Using the colored tabs, you can move between “Comments” and “Personal notes” (You can also do it via the “Menu” button).

Here is a closer look on the In-Video Collaboration Widget:

And if we take a closer look on a comment:

Diving even deeper within a comment:

Shared Comments

Shared comments are seen by all the users in the course, allowing you to answer learners' questions, encourage the discussion by adding comments during the video lecture, guide the learners or add additional information in specific moments of the video (e.g., web links).

For example, you can answer learners' questions created on the relevant video context, and all other learners will benefit from these interactions. You can also use it to review learners' assignments, etc.


As an instructor, you have additional capabilities to the regular user (learner).

Every Comment you add is identified as a moderator comment by an icon near your image, indicating that you are the moderator of the discussion.

You can also moderate the discussion and delete comments.

Personal Notes

Personal Notes allows you to add notes that are visible only to you.

Once you move to the “Personal notes” area, the interactive timeline will visualize only the notes you added.

Now you can reflect on the video content, add bookmarks to reach the important moments quickly, and can add additional information (e.g., weblinks)

A user (instructor\ learner) can export his personal notes to Docx or Xlsx (as he wishes), directly from the menu:

Once the user clicked on the “Export” button, he will choose in the format for his personal notes.

(There is no limitation for the number of times a user exports. A user can export to both formats, if he wishes).

Each file of the exported notes contains:

· Course name

· Video name

· A link to the video

· Video duration

The notes are sorted chronologically, and for each comment you can see:

· Its timetag (the time of the video it was written at)

· The date it was written at

· The note’s sentiment (if there was any)

Click here to learn see how to export your personal notes.

Email Notifications

Email notifications allow you to get notified on new comments or replies submitted in your course.

Notifications' preferences

You can enable/disable which notification you will get from Annoto by clicking on “Preferences” in the menu.

Please note that if you disable notifications in the preferences, you will no longer receive any emails for any of the videos on any of the courses.

Follow Course Discussions

By default, you will not get notified about new comments.

In order to get notified about new comments in the course please click on the “Click to follow this course”. Click here to learn more.

NOTE: Another way to follow and monitor new comments is by using the Annoto dashboard; Please refer to Dashboard Guide for more details


If you need any additional information or have any questions or want to know how you can add Annoto to your videos, please contact us at Annoto Support.

You are more than welcome to schedule a training session. Click here to pick your preferred date and time.

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