Skills Assessment

The Use Case

Annoto enables a 2-way interaction between an instructor and his learner, to provide accurate, professional time-coded feedback.

Type of Activity

Learner-Instructor interaction

Activity Flow

In addition to instructor’s assessment and feedback, learners can also reflect on their own videos, sharing what they learned in the process and the insights they gained on themselves, allowing the instructor to see the entire learning process of each user.

Skills assessment can be used for any type of skill (physical skills, as well as performing, cognitive and mental skills) and are used in different academic disciplines, such as:

As every comment is time-based, learners know exactly what they did well and what skills may need further work, or improvement. They have a direct communication channel to their instructor to reflect, to reply, to ask, to share thoughts and most importantly: to learn from.

Instructors have the privilege of reviewing their learners' videos at their own time, whenever is convenient, knowing that they will always stay updated, as once their learners reply, they will be notified and will be able to answer, teach and educate.

Video as a comment in Skills Assessment

In addition to written feedback, recording a video as a comment is another great way to express yourself when responding to the learner's presented skill. Throughout the video, additional massages can be delivered (body language, for example), as well as demonstration of skills.

Gain Insights

The Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard provides analytics on each viewer’s activity in the video (number of comments, replies and notes), as well as provides a quick and easy access to the discussion.

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