Peer Review

The Use Case

One of the best ways to improve skills is to learn from feedback. Peer review takes Skills Development to the next level, enabling a learner to learn from their "audience", as the fellow learners provide the feedback, sharing what they learned from the performance, offer additional ways to perform\ improve the skill, etc.

Type of Activity

Learners Interaction

Activity Flow

A learner uploads a video, fellow learners provide time-base feedback on the performance.

The learners who provide feedback, not only share their impressions and what they’ve learned from the video, but they also get to learn from their peers, see how they chose to perform and formulate their own do's and don'ts list.

Instructors can guide the learners how to maintain a high level of discussion and what to focus on. In addition, they can have full control on the discussion, as they have the ability to delete comments if needed (deleting can be done both from the Annoto widget and from the dashboard - for you to choose).

Video as a comment in Peer Review

When providing feedback to peers, video as a comment can enrich the discussion, by providing feedback that is not only in writing. Fellow learners can record themselves sharing their thoughts, providing additional ideas and ways of how to perform the skill that is presented, or even share their screen to demonstrate a specific ability.

Gain Insights

The Annoto Analytics and Insights Dashboard provides analytics on each viewer's consumption of the video (video completion), activity in the video (number of comments, replies and notes), as well as provides a quick and easy access to the discussion.

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