Advanced Workflows

Annoto application container

Annoto widget position is set as absolute meaning it doesn't influence the website layout. By default the application is contained inside a single DIV that is appended to the BODY.

If you require different behaviour, you can specify a DIV to serve as annoto container:

<div id="annoto-app"></div>

This is especially useful if BODY is not your main scrollable layout.

As a rule of thumb always place the container in the same scrollable element as your video.

When supported by the player, Annoto timeline is automatically embedded inside the player controls by the application.

Custom Video Player

Annoto providers ends users, advanced interaction with video content. In order to do it Annoto requires access to video player API. Before Annoto can perform any action it must obtain the media source and the duration of the media.

We already support a variety of widely used player types, and constantly adding new ones. If you are using a custom player or player we don't support yet, you have 2 options:

  1. Implement a PlayerAdaptorApi and set it in PlayerConfig of the widget configuration. Contributions are very welcome and appreciated :)

  2. ‚ÄčContact us, we are happy to help.