I cannot record my screen when using video as a comment

Somewhat similar error might appear if you do not grant browser permission to record screen when prompted. Please make sure to grant the permissions when prompted by the browser.

Due to recent browser permission changes in some environments you may get an error when trying to capture your screen:

This issue may typically appear in LTI embeds inside LMS. The issue is due to LMS not providing screen capture permission for the LTI iframe embed.

We expect the LMSs will update their LTI embed permissions in the near feature, and this issue would be resolved.

For more information please see "Chrome launches display-capture" at:

Other browsers have released similar updates.

Why am I getting an error when trying to play a video as a comment?

Once a video is recorded and uploaded to Kaltura, it takes a few seconds/minutes to process it. In case you the video is played before processing is completed by Kaltura, you will get an error saying: "No source video was found - Entry in process". Like this:

Not to worry! Wait a bit and then play the video again.

Why I can't edit\delete my comment?

If you are unable to edit your comment or delete it, it is probably because one of the following happened:

  • More than 24 hours have passed since you wrote the comment

  • Someone already replied to your comment

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