Using the Annoto Widget

Open Pages

Open Pages

In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.

View Pages

View Pages

Pages is designed to open to the front page for the course, if there is a front page selected. To select a page from the Pages Index, click the View All Pages button.

Open Page

Open Page

Click the title of the page you want to open.

Edit Page

Edit Page

Click the Edit button.

  1. Add video with Annoto

Click on Annoto icon

2. Add a video source

Copy paste embed code or url of your video.

3. Set video size


  • Aspect ratio is 16:9

4. Set a Title

Add a title to the video (this is not mandatory)

5. Discussion Settings

  • Enable Annoto in-video collaboration [1]

  • Widget Position [2] : Select the position of Annoto widget in the video player

  • Widget Tabs [3] : Annoto widget will have tabs on the side for quickly toggling between discussion and private notes.

Hide example (left image), Show example (right image)

6. Save Page

Save Page

7. Click the Save button.


If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact us at Annoto Support

Last but not least

To learn how to access the Annoto Dashboard in your Canvas, go to How to access Annoto Dashboard page.

In order to learn more about all the wonderful things you can do with Annoto, visit the Annoto Widget Guide page.