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Commenting in a video

Comment Writing

Q: Does a user need to pause the video in order to write a comment?

A: No. As soon as you start writing a comment, the video is paused, so all comments are connected via timetag to the exact moment in the video they refer to.

Comment Deleting

Q: Is it possible to delete a comment?

A: Yes! Anyone can delete a comment that he wrote within 12 hours after it was written.

Furthermore, instructors have the ability to delete comments made by others (in case they are inappropriate).

Annoto Options

Widget Position

Q: Can a user change the Annoto widget position?

A: Definitely! A user can drag the widget to anywhere he wants on top of the video

Supported Languages

Q: How many languages does Annoto support?

A: Annoto supports 28 languages

Annoto on Mobile

Q: Does Annoto work on Mobile?

A: Yes, Annoto is web responsive and supports mobile/tablets.

Annoto in Browsers

Q: Is Annoto compatible with All web browsers?

A: Yes, Annoto supports all web browsers

Implementation Options

Private Discussion

Q: If I use the same video in two different courses, will users of course B see the discussion of course A?

A: Annoto Discussions are private per course, if you use the same video in two different courses, you will have two different discussions.

However, if you wish to have the same discussion for different courses - this is also a possibility (you can define that within the Annoto settings)


Q: Is Annoto accessible?

A: Yes, Annoto is VPAT Compliant for Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 for Level A and AA and Section 508 (Including Screen readers).

Staying on top of things

Registering to be notified

Q: How do I make sure I won't miss any comment in my course?

A: Go to the menu (1) and make sure you are Following this group (2):

Time Saver

Q: How does Annoto Saves me time?

A: The beauty of the discussion is that it prevents duplication of questions (once a question was asked, no one will ask it again, as everyone can learn from it). In addition, learners can answer other learners, which really eases off the load.

As for notification emails: You can choose which notifications you would like to receive (you can choose to be notified only on replies to your comments, for example).

Instructors have also the privilege of managing the discussion from the dashboard, so they don't even have to go to the video in order to be a part of the conversation - replying to all videos is just one-click-away from one another.

Instructors can choose to go to the dashboard on a timely basis and see all the new comments there, and in this case, they can disable the notification emails, if they are interested.


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Last but not least

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